LOLQI - We like pets!

When put on an unbalanced diet suffering malnutrition, fish can develop several diseases or deficiencies. Therefor we only sell the highest quality of fish feed, specialized for the different species and their needs. If you'd like to give your animals a treat, you should always take care of a varying diet that takes the different lifestyle habits of your fish in account.

Of course, what goes for fish is also highly relevant for reptiles. A well balanced diet and just the right kind of food will leave your unique pets happy. We only offer special selected feeds for fish and reptiles, produced for the highest demands in quality and health.

Need support? If you can't decide, what feed to buy for which animal, we will guide you through the process of finding just the right kind of food depending on the species and living conditions. Good feed will make your animals agile and in love with life, pleasing viewers, according to the species of course, with an astonishing set of rich, healthy colors shown.